BrainQuest is a fun and entertaining way to challenge your brain, keeping it healthy and focused, for endless hours of fun and learning. Try your hand at:
  • Flags Quiz – a clever little category that lets you test your knowledge of country flags.
  • General Knowledge Quiz – The original quiz category, check your general knowledge.
  • Geography Quiz – Find out how much you know about continents, oceans, highest mountains and their locations.
  • Logo Quiz – a fun and interesting twist on the logo quiz, asking you to guess the year when the famous logos were created.
  • Mathematics Quiz – A perfect category for those, who want to answer math questions without straining their brain cells in the process.
  • Movies Quiz– A quiz for the movie buffs who remember famous lines. Guess which movie are these lines from.
  • Science Quiz – A quiz that tests your knowledge about general science, chemistry, periodic tables, biology.
  • Capitals Quiz – Know the world and the capitals of each country. You will be surprised how much you can learn from this category
And many more interesting categories…


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